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Welcome to Guest Author’s Page

We always welcome and appreciate people who want to write for us and contribute for GeologyHub. We just started Guest Author service at GeologyHub, so it is helpful for authors who love to write and get exposed to the huge audience!

Reasons to write on GeologyHub

  • Authors will get full credit for their articles published on GeologyHub.
  • Publishing on GeologyHub is easy and totally free of cost.
  • Author bio with photo will be added in each articles submitted by Guest Authors.
  • Your articles will get exposed to our readers, our visitors, our followers and everyone related to GeologyHub in some way or the other!
  • You can get opinions about your articles from our users.

Instructions for Authors

  1. Please send your published/unpublished works, compilations, lecture notes, study notes etc. typed in MS-Word.
  2. If your article contains images please attach or upload a copy of image along with article.
  3. Send small Bio like name, designation, organization, mail ID and photograph (optional).
  4. Please Send your items at or upload your file below.
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